Recycling multi-metals for tomorrow.

After the unconditional approval by the EU antitrust authorities on May 4th, the merger of Metallo and Aurubis was signed on Friday, May 29, 2020.

With this merger, Metallo can further develop its business model in Multi-Metal Recycling and its Zero Waste strategy, supported by the broader capabilities of the strong industrial Aurubis group.

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We close the loop.

Non-ferrous metals are infinitely recyclable without loss of quality. By recycling and refining complex materials, we respond to the increasing metal scarcity.

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What do we offer?

Waste Services

We treat the most complex secondary raw materials purchased globally. Over 350,000 tons of these raw materials are recycled annually through the different stages of our recycling processes.


Product Range

We combine our unique technology and know-how to provide a variety of non-ferrous metal products and minerals to our customers.


The Furnace of Innovation.

We have built a reputation as a reliable partner since 1919. To continue handling the increasing complexity of materials, we are committed to research, development and creating sustainable processes and technologies.

Our Approach

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