State of the art recycling & refining of multi-metals.

We have built a reputation as a reliable partner since 1919. To continue handling the increasing complexity of materials, we are committed to research and development and creating sustainable processes and technologies. To be your recycling partner of choice we focus on three main areas:

We build trust with expertise & know-how

We are particularly proud of our unique expertise and our reputation as a reliable partner. To continue handling the increasing complexity of materials, we progressively build a team with broad and deep knowledge of markets, materials, quality analysis, pricing mechanisms and technologies. Our years of experience result in top performance of our processes and valuable solutions.

We incorporate sustainability in all areas

For us, sustainability and economics go hand in hand. We believe that responsible corporate behaviour is key to strengthen the confidence and trust with our partners.

Health, safety and the environment are integral parts of our processes. We conduct audits and inspections and take appropriate action to continuously improve safety and sustainability of our operations. This translates into recognition and certifications such as:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • Safety policy
  • CFSI conflict free
  • ...

We innovate

We have a long tradition of innovation. Since 1919, we have developed new and unique technologies for our refining and smelting processes.
We continuously feed our ‘Furnace of Innovation’, both through the recycling of increasingly complex raw materials as well as through new technological ideas about the refining processes.

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