We are an international company that excels in recycling and refining
non-ferrous materials.

Recycling multi-metals for tomorrow.

Waste services

We can treat the most complex secondary raw materials and refine them into new metal products to supply a variety of customers globally. We close the loop. From all corners of the world, different types of complex material flows find their way to our premises in Belgium and Spain.

Raw materials

We use complex metallic and oxidic secondary raw materials to feed our furnaces, ranging from high grade to low grade. Materials are sourced through the entire supply chain, from metal merchants, scrap and waste processors to industry itself.

Whether you meet with one of the Team Members at a meeting, your yard, your office or whether you make a phone call to our office, our buyers and back office staff are keen to discuss solutions for the following materials with you:

  • Traditional commodities like mixed copper, copper chops, heavy bus bars, …
  • Typical refinery grades ocean, ebony/gunmetal, alu-bronze, ref brass
  • More complex materials like residues and copper clad steel
  • A variety of oxidic and metallic tin containing materials

Quality, sampling & assaying

In accordance with supplier's requirements and international standards, samples are taken from the sourced materials for chemical assaying in trust or in the presence of a neutral surveyor. After the quality assessment and the supplier’s agreement on the assays, the material is released for processing.

Smelting & refining

Our technologies, in most cases invented and realized by our own engineers, give us a unique worldwide position in the valorisation of metal and metal compounds. They are based on cost and energy efficient pyro- and hydrometallurgical processes.

Over 350,000 tons of raw materials are recycled annually through the different stages of our recycling processes. We smelt complex metallic and oxidic secondary raw materials to feed our furnaces, ranging from high grade to low grade.


Purchase team

The procurement of raw materials for the Metallo Group is done by ‘Team Global’, a fully integrated commercial team. A proud team, dedicated to service our global supplier base with a hands-on mentality. They are an indispensable unit of this international Powerhouse with a strong Global footprint.

All the team members, buyers and back-office, are thoroughly trained in-house and have a loyal history with the Metallo Group.

They are easy to approach and more than happy to get in touch!

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Product range

We combine our unique technology and know-how to bring the complex scrap materials back into the value chain.

Refined metals

Metal products

  • Cu anodes and Cu blister
    ca. 99% Cu on customer specifications
  • Anode sludges
  • Nickel Sulphate Solution
  • Nickel Briquettes
  • Zinc Oxides

Minerals and granulates

The final slag is a granulated iron silicate and is mainly used in construction or as raw material for the cement industry.

  • METAMIX®, Iron silicate
  • ELMIX®, Iron silicate
  • KORANEL®, Clean synthetic minerals for sustainable building applications

Sales team

Our experienced Sales Team is dedicated to service you at best on your purchase of our products.
We are eager to explore mutual possibilities to supply you with our metal products and to close the loop by processing your industrial metal waste flows.

We will be happy to assist you should you require our technical support.

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